Main strategies at online roulette

Such an interesting and popular game as roulette is offered by any self-respecting online casino. The game has many varieties and many fans who, of course, want to reveal the secrets of online roulette and are looking for ways to beat it.

Popular online roulette strategies

One could find up to 50 different roulette strategies that guarantee regular winnings, but differ in the complexity of using them and making bets. Each has its own pros and cons, its own characteristics and the chances of winning. All roulette online strategies are divided into complex and easy.
The most effective and popular strategies are: Martingale system, 4 leaders system, 24-number system, strategy 1-3-2-6, AMS strategy, D’Alembert strategy, etc.
Most players are confident that their winnings in roulette depend not only on luck, but also on the correctly chosen strategy. Although none of them have yet been named the most effective or the best, each has their own fans.

Martingale system

The Martingale system is, perhaps, the best strategy for playing roulette. It is considered the most tested and stable, its idea is to double the bet until it wins.

4 leaders

“4 leaders” tactics is considered to be very profitable for players, its essence is to identify 4 sectors that are most often dropped out on the wheel based on the results of 40 games.


“AMS” strategy, according to many players, increases the chances to win playing the roulette. It has a clear algorithm 1-1-2-2-4, where the starting amount is 30 chips, which are put in this sequence.


The strategy of online roulette that is called D’Alembert looks reasonable enough and is used to increase the bet after each loss, but will decrease it after winning.


The strategy “1-3-2-6” in roulette is based on a simple progression, which must be strictly followed. If player’s bet wins, he will need to bet on the next number.

24 numbers

The strategy of playing roulette under the name “24 numbers” has its own specifics: firstly, it is necessary to bet on dozen only, and secondly, the size of the bet should be doubled in case of a loss.

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