EMAT Thickness Gauging and Flaw Detection

One of the areas which has seen great development in recent years for EMAT systems is in non contact ultrasonic flaw inspection and thickness gauging. We have produced a  number of off the shelf commercial systems suitable for such tasks as inspection of boiler tubes, tank walls and pipes for corrosion and defects. Recently, we have significantly improved performance above other commercially available EMAT systems such that the EMATs can operate effectively without the need for the magnetostrictive effect, and so are not restricted only to oxide covered surfaces. This greatly broadens the scope of application when you consider the advantages of an EMAT:

We have published thickness measurements to an accuracy of better than 1 micron (0.5%) in the lab [1] and 0.5mm (1%) in a realistic “dirty” high temperature industrial environment [2] using our EMAT technique. We also are currently pursuing patents on methods for measuring coating thicknesses at the same time as sheet thicknesses using essentially a more detailed analysis of the same data.

See information on our GS Series EMAT Adaptor Systems

[1] Dixon S, Edwards C, Palmer SB, ULTRASONICS 39 (6): 445-453 OCT 2001

[2] Dixon S, Edwards C, Reed J, Palmer SB, INSIGHT 37 (5): 368-370 MAY 1995