GS Series EMAT Adaptor Systems

GS2020 EMAT Averaging Adaptor

GS2020 EMAT Averaging Adaptor

The EMAT Adaptor GS2020 provides a means fo custom-writing/ r NDT inspectors to benefit from the advantages of non-contact EMAT transducers for pulse-echo flaw detection and thickness gauging, without the large capital outlay of replacing existing piezoelectric based flaw inspection systems and thickness/corrosion monitors.

• Acts as a bridge between an EMAT proposal essay topic probe and a flaw detector designed for piezoelectric transducers.

• Incorporates low power averaging electronics such that the signal-to-noise performance of the EMAT measurement is dramatically improved.

• Features automatic gain control (AGC), which increases reliability and inspection speed and can eliminate the need for operators to keep adjusting an EMAT stand-off ring or the gain setting on the flaw detector.

Designed to work with modern NDT inspection systems, the Adaptor©, when used with a suitable EMAT (provided as part of the package), has sufficient signal strength and resolving power to work on both oxide coated and oxide free ferritic steel surfaces, providing a major advantage for plant inspection over alternative systems. In certain circumstances measurement of austenitic stainless steel is also possible. The adaptor can also be used with piezoelectric transducers for some situations where the signal-to-noise ratio is too poor to allow measurement, but averaging is able to reveal the ultrasonic signals.

EMAT signal on stainless steel plate

EMAT signal on sample austenitic stainless steel plate without adapter

EMAT signal on stainless steel plate with GS2020

EMAT signal on sample austenitic stainless steel plate with GS2020



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