Specialist Transducers

As well as our range of general purpose EMAT transducers, we also supply some specialist transducers for nich industrial applications, offering unique advantages for particular inspection tasks.2008_0604sonematnewproducts0004.JPG

HWS2235-WCT water cooled EMAT. This is designed for wall thickness measurements on steel pipes at temperatures of up to 500 degrees centigrade. Because no couplant fluid is needed, the EMAT can be scanned along the pipe to find variation in wall thicknesses over an area.


HWS5725-GC EMAT. This new prototype EMAT exhibits improved performance on certain materials traditionally difficult for EMATs such as stainless steel and Titanium. Due to its relatively long paralysis it is recommended that you arrange testing for your application before purchasing this EMAT.


SHG1631-S and SHD1631-S Periodic shear horizontal wave EMATs. These pitch-catch EMATs can be driven broadband (e.g. Low Frequency Pulser, available on request) or using a Toneburst system (e.g. Ritec RPR 4000). The transducers generate a shear horizontal wave either as a plate mode in a thin sheet, or a bulk wave in thicker material with the angle of propagation dependent on the driving frequency. This allows it to be used in a range of novel applications such as frequency controlled scanning. Each pitch/catch pair is built to order.


HWS2035-VC Normal Incidence Radially Polarised Pulse-Echo Probe for use at high temperatures. A variant of the standard HWS2235 optimised to operate at high temperatures without water cooling. By using an advanced magnet, this EMAT can operate for prolonged periods at temperatures of up to 500 C.

For a full list of our standard transducers and prices, please consult the following document:

Sonemat Transducer List 2017